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Next generation iPhone may have infrared capabilities

June 15, 2011

Infrared technology may tempt iPhone fans to sell


Consumers who desire an iPhone might decide to sell their current mobiles in order to make way for the revolutionary device, after it was suggested that infrared technology for the product is on the way. Read the full article here.

Thermography is not a sufficent alternative to mammograms

June 13, 2011

FDA warns: Thermogram is no mammogram

June 3, 2011

The controversy over mammography’s effectiveness at finding breast cancer, and whether women under 50 should even get them regularly, has opened the door to alternative detection methods.

One trendy innovation is thermography, which uses infrared imaging to display temperature changes in the body, depending on blood flow. Here’s an e-mail I got from a gynecologist: Read the full article here.

Industrial Scientific releases new multi-gas detector

June 10, 2011

Industrial Scientific releases new multi-gas detector

Pipelines International — June 2011

Industrial Scientific is now supplying the Ventis MX4 multi-gas detector, a lightweight, highly configurable instrument that is available with or without an integral pump. Read the full article here.

FLIR imaging provides best view at Paris air show

June 8, 2011

Clear heads for night vision

While purists may argue there is no substitute for seeing it with your own eyes, the best view of the flying displays at this month’s Paris air show may well be on the big screen inside Flight International‘s chalet at Le Bourget. Read the full article here.

FLIR tackles gas detection

June 3, 2011

Using Thermal Imaging Cameras for Gas Leak Detection

Published on May 31, 2011 at 8:55 PM

FLIR Advanced Thermal Solutions have released a new online streaming video that demonstrates the capabilities of its GF-Series thermal imaging cameras that make them perfect for gas leak detection applications. Read the full article here.

IR technology helps locate lost pyramids

May 27, 2011

Lost Egyptian Pyramids Discovered Thanks To Space Age Technology

Mike Thompson | 26 May 2011 3:45 pm

There’s a lot of cool stuff going on up in space these days. Over the past few months, it’s been revealed that NASA wants to add inflatable expansions to the International Space Station, lasers are (hopefully) going to be used to vaporize space trash, DARPA is investigating long-term space travel, and – oh, yeah – at least one astronaut likes to give neato zero-g flute performances. Now, on top of all this other stuff, it turns out that satellites in orbit are being used to find underground pyramids, tombs, and cities. Read the full article here.

FLIR settles in court

May 23, 2011

FLIR Settles Litigation

By: Zacks Equity Research; May 23, 2011

FLIR Systems Inc. (FLIRAnalyst Report) has settled its litigation with William J. Parrish and E. Timothy Fitzgibbons (“Plaintiffs”), which was pending since 2008 in the California Superior Court for the County of Santa Barbara. Read the full press release here.

RAE Systems- First Quarter Results

May 16, 2011

RAE Systems Announces First Quarter 2011 Results

Reports Revenue of $22.4 Million and Gross Margin of 61%

SAN JOSE, CA–(Marketwire – May 16, 2011) – RAE Systems Inc. (NYSE Amex: RAE), a leader in delivering innovative sensor solutions to serve industrial, energy, environmental, and government safety markets worldwide, reported financial results and business highlights for the first quarter ended March 31, 2011. Read the full press release here.

PG&E runs pipeline test

May 11, 2011

PG&E tests pipeline in Mountain View with water pressure

Pete Carey;

Posted: 05/09/2011 04:10:31 PM PDT; Updated: 05/10/2011 10:43:39 AM PDT

From the edge of Shoreline Golf Links in Mountain View, PG&E on Monday launched the first in a series of extensive “hydrotests” of its natural gas pipeline system — a test that found no leaks in a line originally laid more than six decades ago. Read the full article here.

Stop wasting [solar] energy

May 6, 2011

New technology could capture solar energy now wasted

A science blog with Eric Berger

Existing silicon solar panels harvest light from the visible part of the spectrum, and their efficiency is improving, but much of the sun’s energy that reaches Earth comes in the form of infrared energy. Read the full article here.

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